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100,000 free chicken sandwiches: How to get one

In the event that you're hoping to score a free chicken sandwich, you should simply say a final farewell to your old one.

At any rate, that is the very thing Wingstop is calling for chicken sandwich buyers to do.

The café with a few Northeast Ohio areas has as of late appeared 12 new chicken sandwiches - each with an alternate "delicious flavor."

The café will wager that after only one taste "fans will ask to part from their current and tired week by week get-together to get their hands on Wingstop's fresh chicken sandwich."

Wingstop says in an official statement that they realize separations are hard, yet they're here to make the split more straightforward.

"Basically swipe directly over to to pen a separation letter and, the initial 100,000 fans to cause their split authority before September 5 will to get a code for a free Wingstop Chicken Sandwich. It's seriously straightforward."

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