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Caught On Video, White Assistant Principal Quits After Assaulting Black Boy For Cutting The Lunch Li

Never underestimate the power of viral video. Footage taken by students who witnessed a Rhode Island high school assistant principal attack a Black teen is making the rounds on social media.

Media coverage of the incident has forced the administrator to resign. The Incident Central High School’s Thomas Bacon wrestled 15-year-old Amare Pemberton to the ground and pinned him up against the wall after the young man was caught skipping in line during lunch.

The video shows Bacon putting his knee in the 100-pound boy’s chest while he twists Pemberton’s arms. The now-former assistant principal was screaming at the teen who kept telling him that he couldn’t breathe. Initially placed on paid leave, Bacon has now resigned. Pemberton was charged with assault on a school official while the administrator wasn’t charged at all. Pemberton’s mother was outraged at how authorities handled the incident.

“He still should be fired and charged,” his mother said. “An apology need

Media Pressure Since the story broke, city officials have taken notice and are now weighing in on the matter.

“As of this morning, Mr. Bacon has resigned from his position with the Providence Public School Department effective immediately,” a joint statement from Mayor Jorge Elorza and Superintendent Chris Maher said.

“While the Providence Police will continue their investigation, we will continue to meet with students, teachers and community members and take proactive steps to support our entire school community.

Maher went on to say that the safety and well-being of school students and staff is of the utmost importance. “I think anyone who has viewed the video of the physical altercation between a Central student and a staff member was alarmed and dismayed by what they saw,” Maher said.

“In Providence Public Schools, we believe the only justifiable reason for restraining students–and it is always a last resort–is to prevent imminent, serious physical harm.” Perhaps Bacon thought that cutting in line would lead to ‘serious physical harm.’ Good thing the students were smart enough to record the altercation.

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