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Journalist nails GOP’s fake patriotism: They whine about “taking a knee” but excuse Russia

Journalist and Christian pundit Roland Martin got it just right: "This is the real test as to whether or not Republicans will actually put patriotism above partisanship."

Veteran journalist and Christian pundit Roland Martin slammed the GOP’s fake patriotism Sunday morning, asking why they care more about an NFL player taking a knee than about Russia trying to undermine our democratic process.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Martin called out the hypocrisy of Republicans who spent months chanting “lock her up,” only to turn around and provide cover for a presidential administration that is currently under multiple federal investigations.

“This is the real test as to whether or not Republicans will actually put patriotism above partisanship,” Martin said, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference, which is expected to yield its first indictment on Monday.

Not only are Republicans willing to line up behind Trump, Martin pointed out, but many seem ready to excuse Russia and move right along as if nothing ever happened. These are the same politicians who, just weeks ago, were railing against NFL players for supposedly disrespecting the country — but now, they’re not even willing to defend the United States against a hostile foreign nation.

“I love how people are complaining about players who take a knee…but then want to excuse what Russia has done,” Martin quipped.

He also called out Republicans for attempting to undermine Mueller’s work, reminding them: “What Mueller is doing, is what a prosecutor should do: Get to the truth.”

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