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Teen Dad Shoots 3-Year-Old In The Head, Kills Him For 1 Simple Reason

A Texas man is facing charges after he killed his 3-year-old stepson who was jumping on the bed.

An emergency 911 call placed from a trailer park in Clay County, Texas, said a 3-year-old child had been shot in the head and was thought to be dead, according to KDFX.

Witnesses told authorities the child, Dominic Castro, was jumping on a bed with a loaded gun on it, causing it to accidentally discharge, The Dallas Morning News reports.

On further investigation, it was revealed that Dominic’s 18-year-old stepfather, George Coty Wayman, threatened to shoot the boy if he did not stop jumping on the bed.

Wayman pointed the gun at the boy and fired a shot, according to officials. The bullet hit Dominic in the back of the head, notes the arrest warrant affidavit.

Dominic was pronounced dead at the hospital. Dominic’s mother was staying at a nearby home after the incident, KDFX reported.

The family’s neighbor, Matthew Biehl, told KDFX he was shocked by the incident.

"Wow ... I would've never thought in my life I would see something like that happen around here, especially in a peaceful little place like this," said Biehl.

Biehl said he wasn't at home when Dominic was shot, but arrived shortly after.

"It was just an unbelievable sight," said Biehl. "They landed a helicopter in the intersection. I didn't know exactly what was going on. When I found out what was going on I couldn't believe it."

"We don't want no more of it," said Biehl. "We want to put a stop to this, that's all I know."

The boy's father has been behind bars for the past two years and was recently denied parole.

Wayman was arrested and charged with capital murder and criminal trespassing in connection with Dominic's death.

Sources: KDFX, The Dallas Morning News / Photo credit: Family photo via The Dallas Morning News

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