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White Man charged in Cleveland After Running Black Queen And Her Car Full Of Kids Into Busy Intersec

I’m getting a felony because of that N*gger B*tch

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Vermilion man charged in a road-rage incident is accused of chasing and purposefully ramming a woman’s car, causing a three-car crash that injured her, her 2-year-old daughter and two others, records show.

The man is also accused of using a racial slur to describe the woman when police officers took him into custody, according to a police report.

Joshua Szafranski, 22, is charged with felonious assault and possessing criminal tools in the Friday incident, according to court records.

He was released from custody after posting 10 percent of a $20,000 bond set during his initial appearance in Cleveland Municipal Court.

The incident started about 5 p.m. on South Marginal Drive at Alger Road, according to a police report.

The 24-year-old woman honked her horn at Szafranski when he stopped his 2015 Toyota Corolla at a stop sign. Szafranski became enraged and got out of his car to yell at the woman, the report says.

“You want to fight? I’ll f–k you up, but because you got kids in the car I’ll let you go,” Szafranski told the woman, according to the police report.

Szafranski got back his car and put it in reverse. The woman took a photo of his car and drove around him, the report says.

Szafranski followed the woman’s 2005 Honda Civic. He pulled up next to her and told her to pull over so he could attack her, the report says.

Szafranski then pulled ahead of the Civic and slammed on his brakes in an attempt to get her to rear-end his Corolla, the report says. The woman again drove around him, so he rammed the back and side of the Civic several times, the report says.

The woman turned onto Lorain Road and stopped at a red light at West 140th Street. Szafranski rammed into the back of the Civic, forcing it into the busy intersection, the report says.

Two cars traveling in opposite directions on West 140th Street hit the Civic on both sides, the report says. Szafranski drove away, the report says.

The woman, her 2-year-old daughter and the drivers of the other two cars involved in the crash all suffered minor injuries and were treated and released from Fairview Hospital.

Investigators traced Szafranski’s license plate number and called the Vermilion Police Department. Officers found him at his home and took him into custody, the report says.

Cleveland police officers went to Vermilion to take Szafranski into custody. Szafranski yelled a racial slur when they put him in a police cruiser, saying “I’m getting a felony because of that n—-r b—h,” the report says.

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