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TIME Magazine Finally Responded To Trump’s Twitter Fit About Not Getting “Man of the Year”

To mitigate against the fact that he won’t be TIME’s Person of the Year, Trump took to Twitter to preemptively sell the idea that he chose not to accept the title.

Upon witnessing his petulant rant, TIME Magazine quickly set the record straight.

It is exceedingly difficult to believe that Trump – who went so far as to create fake TIME covers to honor himself – wouldn’t sit down for a photo shoot and interview if it meant he would be named as their Person of the Year. He even goes a step further in purposefully misrepresenting the name of the honor as “Man of the Year” – which hasn’t been the title in 18 years – in a display of almost unfathomable insecurity.

This is, of course, not the only time that the President has renounced something he never had in the first place. For example, he “withdrew” an invitation for the NBA champion Golden State Warriors to visit the White House after Steph Curry first announced his unwillingness to go.

The President of the United States may indeed have trouble reconciling the fact that he is not nearly as wonderful as he views himself. TIME, however, owes nothing to this self-important manchild who has done more to divide this country, decimate its standing in the international community, and devastate the dignity of the office he holds than any other American in modern history.

Perhaps he should stick to making fake TIME covers if he wants to be recognized again.

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