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White Man calls Black CTA riders the N-Word, gets punched in viral video

CHICAGO — A video of a man allegedly calling commuters the N-Word before being struck by another man and falling near the El tracks went viral on social media Friday night.

The video posted to facebook appears to show a white man arguing with passengers at the Clark and Lake Blue Line stop, during which time someone can be heard using the the N-Word. An African-American man then removes his shirt and glasses before striking the man off-camera, sending him sprawling near the edge of the El tracks.

After he gets up, the punched man appears to get struck again before sliding feet-first beside the El tracks. Fellow passengers rush to his aid, and pull him back up onto the platform before any trains begin to approach.

A witness told Block Club Chicago the man who was punched used several racial slurs before he was hit Thursday afternoon on the Clark and Lake Blue Line platform.


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