October 8, 2017

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Barack Obama Takes On President Trump On Twitter

Greensboro Massacre

It’s been less than a year and I already miss Barack Obama. Maybe it’s my late Nana’s influence (she was a huge Obama fan. She had a collection of plates, posters, mugs, and books) but I feel as if we lost a true gem, though I know I’m not the only person who feels this way.


In fact, the people of Twitter have made it real clear which president they prefer and it’s not the man who is currently in the White House. Trump certainly does love twitter though, he’s even used the social media platform to make executive orders and ‘new laws’ for the country.


Other than that he also uses the platform to mock his political adversaries or to complain about ‘fake news’. There’s also been some not-so-humble bragging about his tweet follower amount, but here’s a rude awakening for him: former President Barack Obama is clearly beating him at the game.

Here’s how former President Obama is “taking on” Trump on twitter: according to TwitterAudit.com, Trump is mainly followed by bots AKA paid, fake followers. Only less than 25% of Barack Obama’s followers are bots.

Obama also has 94 million followers while Trump only has about 36 million.

And when former President Barack Obama responded to the heinous actions in Charlottesville, his tweet quickly went viral. In fact, Obama amassed more likes than any other tweet in history.

Also, according to twitter data, Obama has six of the most-liked tweets of all time and Trump isn’t even on the list. Obama has made it to the twitter ranks alongside Ellen, Ariana Grande, and Linkin Park.