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After inking a 50-unit contract in Texas, the basketball Hall of Famer and recognized entrepreneur is expanding his fast-casual chicken restaurant chain, Big Chicken.

Big Chicken to open locations in four of Texas' main cities, according to QSR magazine: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. While everything in Texas is "larger," Big Chicken is known for combining home-cooked childhood favorites with the "BIGGEST" new flavors.

"Big Chicken is the type of brand that flourishes in Texas: bold and pioneering, yet entrenched in delicious tradition. The vast diversity of our restaurant sector is one of our greatest assets, and we're happy that Shaquille O'Neal and the Big Chicken team will be joining us. Emily Williams Knight, president and CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association, stated, "Welcome back to Texas, Shaq."

Fazil Malik, Frank Malik, and Noordin Jhaver, the team behind the franchise's expansion, are among the most well-known names in retail development.

Northwest Petroleum (NWP) and Skylark Construction, the Maliks' profitable gas station and convenience store operating company, are well-known. Retail developments, petrol stations, convenience stores, quick-serve, and sit-down restaurants are all specialties of this construction company.

Jhaver is the CEO of Dew Real Estate Holdings L.L.C., a major retail and restaurant real estate owning corporation, as well as the owner/operator of more than 50 Sonic locations, with more on the way.

According to KJ97, Shaq stated, "Big Chicken wouldn't be flourishing like it is without the team behind it." "My team has done an outstanding job ensuring that we're developing in the correct direction with the appropriate people." Now, in Texas, we're going even bigger, and I'm looking forward to working with Fazil, Frank, and Noordin."

According to QSR magazine, Big Chicken recently announced ambitions to expand into West Texas, Central Oklahoma, Chicagoland, Arizona, and the Greater Los Angeles areas.

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle's Climate Pledge Arena, metro-New York's UBS Arena, and two Carnival Cruise ships are all home to the fried chicken chain.


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