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Grant funding is abundant and available! Finding the best grant for your project can be cumbersome, like searching for a needle in a haystack. You want to find the best grant. But, you don't know where to look. Well, look no further.

We will develop an compelling business grant proposal, business plan, grant application for profit and non-profit organization. We have 8+ years of experience with startup businesses and nonprofit organizations globally. Over the years, We have written and applied for over 1500 businesses and non-profits successfully with an overwhelming success rate.

My persuasive documents help my clients pitch their ideas to investors, win grants, seek bank loans, and search for equity partners. With me your funding is secured.

Contact me; let's secure funding for your organization!!

Projects of all sizes will receive the best fit for the funding need.

Working on multiple projects? No problem. The larger package can divide researched grants at 10 grants per project.

All grant reports will include the following:

Funders' Name
Funding Levels
Funders' Assets
Funding areas
Application deadline
Link to Funder's website, application and/or guidelines
High funding levels/Low funding levels

Executive Summary

Needs Assessment

Organizational Background

Grant Objectives & Methodology


Budget Proposal

Review & Edit

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