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Alana and Lauren McClain, ages 15 and 16, perished after their automobile collided with an 18-wheel flatbed lumber truck on a Georgia highway, according to The Telegraph.

The sisters from Sparta were passengers in a black Lexus when the driver proceeded to go through a stop sign and "into the path of the tractor-trailer" on Sunday, April 3, according to the Georgia State Patrol. According to officials, the tractor-trailer collided with the Lexus' passenger side.

Rodney Warren, Jr., 18, of Milledgeville, was the driver of the four-door Lexus RX 350 and was taken to Augusta University Medical Center after being treated at the scene, according to the Union Recorder.

Officers from the Georgia State Patrol arrived at the scene at 8:26 p.m., less than 10 minutes after the 911 call was received, according to Sgt. Steven Stone of the Georgia State Patrol. In Hancock County, roughly 100 miles southeast of Atlanta, the accident occurred near GA-15 and Fairmont Road.

"Alana was a front-seat passenger in the car, while her younger sister was positioned in the backseat right behind her older sister," Stone said. Stone and Matthew MacDonald of the Georgia State Patrol's Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team investigated the collision (SCRT).

He claimed the semi-flatbed truck's driver, Dontavius Braswell of Sandersville, was unharmed in the collision.

Others may have seen the crash, according to Stone. Anyone with information can contact the Georgia State Patrol's Milledgeville station at (478) 445-4718.

"I'm not going to put R.I.P. next to my young cousins' names because it won't feel right... Mallo

ry Brown, a family member, commented on Facebook, "I remember these girls as babies and today will never sit right in my spirit." "They were stunning, intelligent, and the sweetest girls anyone could ever meet."

Kyah Shenee, the manager of the Sparta-Hancock County Library, posted on Facebook that the girls assisted with summer reading and other library events.

She remarked, "They were the most humble and respectful children I had ever encountered." "Young queens who were destined for greatness."

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