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How To Set Goals Like a Millionaire

People will often ask you about your goals in life. How hard do you think about them when you are asked this question? Do you put a lot of effort into your goals or do you set goals that you know are unattainable?

People often set goals that are too far out of reach, especially during New Year’s Eve. They try to do far too much too fast and end up becoming frustrated and giving up.

Successful people have specific goals in mind and they work hard to achieve them. Here are some ways that people who have found success set the goals that they needed to get there:

1. Become a producer: When you use something that someone else has made you are a consumer. When you make something that others use you are a producer. People who produce things and look out for the needs of others before their own needs are the ones who are more likely to become rich.

2. Visualization: Successful people think about the things that they want out of life and turn them into visual goals. They can see the big picture. Visualizing their goals helps them to become more realistic. This brings about more motivation to attain the goals. They are able to see all of the good that can come from hard work and do not look at the obstacles that may get in their way.

3. Writing things down: Getting goals and ideas down on paper goes hand-in-hand with visualization. When you can see a list of attainable goals you will have an easier time visualizing them coming to fruition. Writing a list of your current goals every day is a great motivational tool and will keep the momentum going.

4. Action: In order to be successful you must taken action! You can set all of the goals that you want but if you don’t take any action on them how will you ever attain them? If you find that a goal that you have set is a little too far out of reach at the time being, take action to reset that goal.

5. Helping others: When you have a goal in mind you want to make sure that you are not focusing on the end goal being something that brings you wealth or power. Those who are successful are the ones who look for different ways to help others. This in turn makes them more successful as when they help others, they help themselves.

6. Promises: Making promises to everyone that you possibly can will help to push you towards the goal that you have set out for yourself. People who are successful make and keep promises to others. If you tell enough people that you are going to do something such as write a book, you will feel more pressure to live up to the promise. This will help you to push yourself past any insecurities or obstacles that come along.

7. Profit: Successful people always make sure that they engage themselves in profitable activities. They will find what gives them the most reward and they will go after it. When you only involve yourself with activities that are profitable, you will come out on top.

8. Set the bar high: Many people will only set their goals to what they know they can attain. The successful people are the ones who set goals that seem to be impossible. Why do they do this? Because it pushes them to stay motivated, be dedicated to that goal, and push them to continue even when they don’t feel they are going to be able to make the goal.

9. Charity: Set a goal for being charitable. Volunteer your time and services. While this may not seem like a profitable activity, it is in the long run. You will gain the trust of a solid network of people. Word will spread of your philanthropic activities and will lead to great press. You will be seen as someone who is trustworthy and giving which is very helpful when you are building a brand of your own.

10. Affirmation: Negative thoughts have no place in a successful person’s life. Affirmations every day about what you are doing and why you are doing it will keep you on the right track to completing all of your goals. You will be less likely to give up if things hit a bump in the road.

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