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About Her Culture Micro Grant Applications Now Open

About Her Culture's micro grant project stands as a beacon for empowerment, aimed at uplifting African and Caribbean women globally, fostering social and economic development. This initiative, in collaboration with our esteemed sponsors, is poised to offer three micro grants of $500 each before the culmination of 2023.

Empowering Women of African and Caribbean Descent

The essence of this micro grant initiative revolves around inclusivity and empowerment. It welcomes women of African and Caribbean descent, regardless of their geographical location, embracing entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, and creatives alike. The primary goal is to provide a platform that nurtures their aspirations and bolsters their endeavors.

The Grant's Purpose

The essence of these micro grants transcends monetary value. They symbolize a catalyst for change, aimed at providing essential support and resources that propel the innovative ideas and impactful initiatives of these enterprising women.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for these micro grants, applicants must identify as women of African or Caribbean descent. Additionally, they should fall into one of the categories: entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, or creatives. Geographical boundaries do not limit the applications; they are open to individuals based anywhere globally.

The Grant Process

The application process involves a comprehensive evaluation to ensure alignment with the grant's objectives. Applicants are encouraged to articulate their vision, outlining how the grant would further their projects and contribute to their communities.

Impact and Reach

The ripple effect of these grants extends far beyond the monetary value. They pave the way for meaningful change, empowering these women to become catalysts for social transformation and economic growth within their respective communities.


About Her Culture's micro grant initiative echoes a resounding message of empowerment and inclusivity. It serves as a testament to the belief that supporting the aspirations of African and Caribbean women is pivotal in creating a more equitable and vibrant world.


  1. Where to apply? About Her Culture Click Here!

  2. Who can apply for About Her Culture's micro grants? About Her Culture's micro grants are open to women of African and Caribbean descent worldwide, encompassing entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, and creatives.

  3. What is the monetary value of the micro grants offered? About Her Culture offers three micro grants, each valued at $500.

  4. Is there any geographical restriction for applicants? No, the micro grants are open to women of African and Caribbean descent regardless of their location globally.

  5. What is the primary goal of these micro grants? These grants aim to provide support and resources to empower women, enabling them to realize their innovative ideas and impactful initiatives.

  6. How can applicants ensure their application aligns with the grant's objectives? Applicants are encouraged to articulate their vision and demonstrate how the grant would further their projects and contribute to their communities.

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