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Black Owner Works With His Two Sons In The Loving Memory Of His Older Brother

Assistant Pastor Asean Lundy at Word of Life Outreach Ministries of Chesterfield, VA has always put 3 things first in his life,: God, Family, and Food! After following the path of leading him in the ministry, Asean aka "Pete" and his older brother Brittnell (who was a master chef) felt like it was time to start their own restaurant to serve their community.

As things go in life, time passed as the brother started families and careers but never gave up on the idea of going into business for themselves and having something to leave their families behind.

The brothers finally had established a clear plan on was on the way to open the restaurant. But suddenly and sadly Brittnell passed away. This devastated his family especially Pete.

Several years passed as Pete adjust to life without his Big brother. But the urge to fulfill their dream became too strong to ignore.

So in January 2016 Pete started opened Britt's Eat On The Go. Operating as a catering business until the right location can be acquire to establish a flagship restaurant.

"We want to establish a great positive atmosphere with incredible and quick service backed by food cook with alot of love" said Pete Lundy

The Britt's Eat On The Go Catering Team just this passed weekend served the family, friends and guest of Carlton and Crystal Cotman.

Contact Britt's Eat On The Go for your next major event.

Please Support Asean By Visiting Here >>>> Britt's Eat On The Go

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