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NFL now just ignoring Trump’s tweets about player protests

As has become the custom since Colin Kaepernick began kneeling for the national anthem before the 2016 season, a handful of NFL players protested on Sunday by either taking a knee, raising a fist during the pregame ceremony, or staying in the locker room while the anthem played.

And though the massive league-wide protests from a month ago seem to have died down in recent weeks, President Donald Trump isn’t content to let the issue lie.

This is what he tweeted Monday morning.

The league owners met last week, and part of their agenda was to discuss the national anthem controversy. While at least one owner, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, was reportedly adamant about forcing all players to stand during the anthem, the league declined to mandate that players must stand at attention.

A week later, however, the NFL is reportedly done responding to Trump’s tweets on the matter.

As Sports Illustrated wrote last week: “There was an agreement in the room that some of the events of the last few weeks were certainly bad for business, as was the mudslinging with, among others, the president. … There are politics involved here too, and those can get complicated. And what if Donald Trump goes off again on Twitter or at some rally? The hope, I’ve heard, is that his repeated needling of the NFL will lead to future salvos losing their effect. But it’s hard to count on that.”

At those owners meetings, the league and the players released a joint statement saying they planned to work together “to promote positive social change.”

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