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NY man won’t take down ‘Trump – burn in Hell’ Halloween decorations after neighbor tells him to to g

Tombstone on New York lawn -- screengrab

New York man has set off a firestorm in his neighborhood by placing a fake corpse next to a gravestone stating, “Trump — burn in Hell,” leading one Trump-boosting neighbor to tell him to go back to his country.

According to USA Today, the decoration gracing the home in Cortlandt, New York is so offensive that some local Trump fans want the decoration taken down — and the homeowner booted for the community.

The report states that the tombstone is one of five on the lawn belonging to Fabian Vergara, a native of Ecuador who lives in the house with his wife and two of their children.

According to Vergara, he put it up as a joke, saying, “I’m doing it for fun. I like Halloween, so I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s a free country.”

Neighbor Theresa Gucciardo-Perry disagrees, saying she is so disgusted that she asked the city to force Vergara to take it down.

“I want to know how far freedom of speech goes,” she said before adding, “Fabian needs to be removed from the neighborhood.”

According to Vergara, he had every intention of taking it down until he had a confrontation with Gucciardo-Perry who, he claims, told him, to go back to his own country.

“It’s not fair,” he explained. “That’s not the right way to treat me, like that.”

“The man had no intentions of removing it,” Gucciardo-Perry said in her defense, admitting that she grew frustrated and told him, “Is this about Halloween or about you making a political statement? You don’t like it here? Get the hell out.”

According to Gucciardo-Perry, she is aware that Trump “does not say nice things,” but added that the fight, to her, is more about respect for authority.

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