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Homeless Man Returns Woman’s $10K Check He Finds On Ground So She Comes Back With A Home

Roberta Hoskie, a successful real estate agent from Connecticut, recently dropped a $10,000 check on the ground while out running errands. She had so many items in her hand that she didn’t even notice the hefty check slipped out and fell onto the street.

Later that day, Roberta received a phone call from a man named Elmer Alvarez. He said he found the check and simply wanted to do the right thing. Elmer even had to Google the name of Roberta’s business, which was written on the check, in order to find her contact information.

The unexpected act of kindness reminded her there are good people out there.

The two strangers met on a nearby street corner where Elmer returned the check to its rightful owner. And while thanking the good samaritan for his kind deed, Roberta learned the truth about him.

Elmer was homeless and living outside in the cold. If anyone needed that money, it was him.

So, Roberta wrote Elmer a check as a reward in return… but that wasn’t all. She also gave him entrance into her real estate school, free of charge. She plans to pay for his real estate course and English language classes.

But again… that wasn’t all.

“He has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen,” Roberta said a few days later, before completely changing the homeless man’s life with one more unexpected gift.


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