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Atlanta’s New Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Is the Coldest

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

Photo: David Goldman (AP Images)

Keisha Lance Bottoms did not come to play.

The Atlanta mayor, who took office in January, came to work Monday and told everyone in her entire Cabinet—which includes 35 top city officials—to turn in their resignations by the end of the day, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

And if that wasn’t already cold enough, she added that she would decide by the end of the week whose resignations she will accept and whose she will decline.

Survivor: Atlanta City Government has just begun. Cold world.

Everyone already dreads going to work on Monday anyway. Imagine you woke up late this morning but still made an effort to get your ass to work on time, and then your boss comes in and lays this on you.

Son. Did I already say “cold world”? Because Cold. World.

I guess they shouldn’t have been surprised, though. According to AJC, Bottoms—who is said to have won her narrow victory in December partly because former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed endorsed her—had already told Reed’s former staff members that they would keep their jobs for roughly 90 days while she decided if she liked them or not.

So basically, the 90-day period is up, and Bottoms is ready to tell everyone who got voted out of the Cabinet and who gets to stay.

Do you know how cold-blooded you have to be to start everyone’s workweek off like that?

You know people were walking around the office Monday with that “I gotta booboo” feeling you used to get at school when you knew you were going to get your ass beat when you got home.

I wonder if Bottoms came to work with her gators on Monday.

I wonder if she will show up on Friday and say, “The following hos are canceled and dismissed.”

Because her pimp game is that damn strong.

While Bottoms said that she would make her decisions by the end of the week, it was clear on Monday that her mind was already made up about some people.

Calls to the city-issued cellphone of city Communications Director Anne Torres on Monday were reportedly met with a recording that said the number “had been changed, disconnected or was no longer working.”

Cold. World.


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