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Racist RUNS OVER Black Man . . . Brags About It On Social Media . . . Police Call It 'ACCIDENTAL

A DISTURBING incident that happened yesterday in Leesville Louisiana. We're the first NATIONAL NEWS site to report on it.

An African American man named Sherrell Lewis was hit and killed while helping a stranger whose car broke down on the side of the freeway. A red pickup truck struck him, and he was mortally wounded.

Police arrived and Sherrell was rushed to the hospital - where he later died.

The man driving the pickup truck is believed to be a White racist named Matthew Martin.

New social media posts show exactly WHAT Michael thought of Sherell. He refers to the deceased as just some “nigger.” Look:

Sherell was an upstanding man in this community. A business man and barber, who gave free haircuts regularly to the kids for charity. A man of righteousness. He died today how he lived...helping others.

Local activists have asked the police to investigate Michael for possible homicide. So far the police seem unwilling - look at how they treated this concerned citizen:

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