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‘Racial Profiling at Its Finest’: White Man Uses SUV to Block Black Doctor From Entering Gated Commu

A black doctor coming home from a late-night shift was greeted by the ugly face of racism after a white man used his SUV to block her from entering the gated community where she has lived for about eight years.

Dr. Nnenna Aguocha captured some of the encounter on camera.

According to WXIA-TV, the good doctor was trying to enter the Buckhead Townhome community in Atlanta when another property owner blocked her at the gate entrance, parking his vehicle under the gate arm and refusing to move forward to let her in despite her requests, a police report shows.

“He got out of the car and threatened to call the police on me because I was trespassing,” Aguocha narrated in the recording of the incident. “This is racial profiling at its finest.”

The man had the nerve to call the police on Aguocha, who turned around and called the police on him in return. The doctor explained the situation to officers, adding that she had been accused of tailgating his car.

“This gentleman refuses to move his car because he supposedly does not think that I live here,” Aguocha could be heard saying in disbelief in the video.

“Are you serious?” she asked. “Do you know what you are doing? You are racially profiling.”

The man apparently told officers that he was trying to protect his community after the theft of some air conditioners in the area. But Aguocha isn’t buying that (and neither am I).

“I absolutely think it was racially motivated,” Aguocha told the news station as she broke into tears. “When this altercation was going on, what went through my mind was this guy could do absolutely anything to me. He could shoot me dead on the spot because he was trying to protect the neighborhood and the property, and people would make up stories later.”

The real gag? The man doesn’t even live in the community himself and actually resides in Roswell, Ga., although he does own property in the area.

The president of the homeowners association in the area told the news station that they had no knowledge of the robberies—the existence of which, of course, do not excuse the man’s absurd and racist behavior.

The man eventually moved his vehicle after police arrived on the scene.

No charges were filed in the incident, but Aguocha told WXIA that she was considering taking legal action against the unidentified man.

“People feel really emboldened these days to act upon their racist biases and to do whatever they want to do because there are no repercussions,” the doctor said.

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