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Amazon has all the tools to keep you cool this summer

Summer is in full swing. For those on the East Coast, a heatwave is in full swing and you’re going to need some tools to stay cool.

How to Stay Cool and Comfortable This Summer

Below are some picks to help keep you cool and collected during your summer travels. Let us know your favorite summer travel items in the comments.

Ray-Bans are and will forever be a classic of American style. These glasses may not make you feel cool, but at least you’ll look it. You’ll want to invest in a nice pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes safe while enjoying summer. Amazon User Review: “You will feel like Tom Cruise in these.”

Make sure to pack a reusable water bottle with you to keep refilled with water. This bottle from HYDAWAY is my favorite. The bottle collapses down and can be easily stowed.

Amazon User Review: “It is collapsible and occupies less room in my backpack.”

Mission Enduracool Microfiber Cooling Towel

Getting really hot? This towel can cool you down by up to 30 degrees when wet. It’s also SPF 50 approved. You can snag one for under $7 bucks. Store them in your bag and add water to activate the cooling features.

Amazon User Review: “Exactly as advertised. Perfect size.”

This may sound silly but if you’re poolside or on the beach, this tool is perfect. Just plug the phone into your iPhone and you’re able to score a quick breeze. The fan also works for some Android phones.

Amazon User Review: “Very Cool. I was in the mall and saw one of these for $12 and almost bought it. Happy to find them on Amazon for 1/4 the price..”

Keep your head cool with a bucket hat. This one from Mission has similar features of their cooling towel. Once wet, the hat will activate it’s cooling feature. It’s also made of material for improved wicking and sun protection. Amazon User Review: “Love the hat, I work outside and I can definitely say it helps me get through the day.”

We’re getting a little personal with this one. You’re going to want to have some kind of powder on to help with staying fresh and chaffing. This natural foot powder from Squeaky Cheeks is a great start.

Amazon User Review: “Have used two bottles of this and love it.”

Perfect for post sun exposure. The spray is designed to restore sun-damaged skin and prevent peeling for a long lasting tan. The spray is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

Amazon User Review: “Have used two bottles of this and love it.”

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