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Entrepenuer Spotlight: 911 Credit Connect

Name: 911 Credit Connect

Location: Northeast, Florida

Product / Service Offering: Credit Consultation, Credit-related Apparel

Founder Interviewed: Tamar Israel

Other Key Management Team Members: Self

Tell us a little about yourself with a focus on what motivates you.

I'm a Philly native who relocated to Florida for a fresh start. My children are my inspiration and motivators. I love helping others achieve their goals and showing them the way to get there!

When did you establish your company and where did the idea originate?

911 Credit Connect was established back in September 2017. The idea came about after I got approved for a Toyota Highlander and learning that my credit score was 825. It was then that I realized anything is possible with handwork and determination.

What need or needs does your company seek to fill for its customers?

The world needs more credit-worthy consumers!

What is the one thing that sets your company apart from its competitors?

We offer a do-it-yourself package unlike other credit repair companies.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while getting your company up and running, and how did you overcome it?

Setting up merchant account services and setting up my website. I was able to utilize user-friendly tools for my website which offered merchant services hassle-free.

Are there resources you have utilized that other founders might find compelling or useful?

Yes, my e-mail autoresponder and web hosting services

What steps have you taken to secure funding for your company and what, if anything, would you do differently if you had to start over?

My company is self-funded. Nothing, I actually am learning through the process.

Have there been any questions you have had as an entrepreneur of a fledgling startup that you had a particularly hard time finding the answers to?

Yes, how to drive traffic and gain more clients!

What challenges, if any, are you grappling with?

Getting traffic to my website.

What is the most helpful tip or “hack” you’ve ever learned, stumbled across, or been given?

Learning how SEO works and how it drives analytics for your website.

Gives a 10-word philosophy on entrepreneurship...

Entrepreneurship can be wrapped up as: a never-ending story of self-growth, determination, dedication, perseverance, hardworking.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your company?

911 Credit Connect has an exclusive connection with the Credit Builder Card found via

Advice to female entrepreneurs…

Never give up, there will be days when you will want to throw in the towel but don't. Keep moving forward! Thank you

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