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Burger King Employee Says He's Been Crying For Three Days As GoFundMe Surpasses $350,000

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

A Burger King employee who received a goodie bag as a gift for 27 years of service has been sobbing for days as a fundraiser set up in his honor has raised more than $350,000.

After he revealed a modest bag of presents from HMS Host, the business from which Burger King hires personnel, Kevin Ford went viral.

A bag of Reese's, a Starbucks reusable cup, two pencils, and a movie ticket, according to the cook and cashier who works at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, made him feel as though he had been delivered a load of items that were "sitting around."

Kevin, 54, told NewsNation that the goodwill of complete strangers had stunned him.

But today, he has far more than that, with more than $350,000 in donations to a GoFundMe account set up by his daughter.

He added, "I've been crying for three days now. These people's generosity is beyond astounding.

Among those who gave to the fundraiser was actor David Spade, who gave $5,000 and urged him to "keep up the excellent work."

Kevin responded to the Instagram DM in shock: "Holy crap, buddy! I Can't Believe It! MANY THANKS FOR EVEN VIEWING THE VIDEO! My brother, I adore you. Many blessings and love... Maybe I can take a day off, I guess."

Kevin mentioned that in addition to having the day off, he also intended to start a college fund for his grandchildren.

Burger King claims to have a "strong employee recognition program," according to LADbible.

The spokesperson stated: "The Burger King brand and its numerous franchisees across the country are devoted to recognizing and honoring the accomplishments of the thousands of workers serving in a variety of jobs and giving our customers a top-notch experience.

"We discovered after talking to the franchisee of this site that this video shows a Team Member receiving a peer-to-peer incentive for a recent successful performance.

"The franchisee provides its team members with a comprehensive employee appreciation program, which recognizes tenure milestones and financial awards."

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